Monday, November 02, 2009

The Concorde-X *live* at the Lelystad FS-Weekend Show

At 7th & 8th November 2009 this big Flight Simulation Event will be held in the Aviodrome at Lelystad Airport. All aspects of flight simulation will be shown to big crowds traditionally attending! You'll find all kinds of participants such as FSclubs, flightdecks, real motion stands, sales of parts and software and many demonstrations and you will have full access to the exhibition of the museum.

Flight Sim Labs will be there, demonstrating the Concorde-X, on two PCs, for the first time LIVE for our audience. The latest alpha version of the aircraft addon will be available in all its glory for you to play and experiment, under our guidance and supervision as we are still putting the finishing touches together.

If you wish to speak to me or the other attending members of the team, come on Saturday, when you can find us at the FSAddon booth that our own Francois Dumas is hosting - Andrew, Margarita and I will be there to answer any questions you might have!

See you there!

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MaksiTaksi said...

I really wanted to fly someday with the Concorde. I put all my savings together, becaus sinds I was a child I wanted to fly with the Concorde.
Almost I had the amount of money I needed...and than the plane crashed. I'm so sorry for all the people who were in it.

Greetings/ Jasoe

ps are you on facebook, my name there is Bianca Ολλανδία

My blog is
but there is no plane or somethingh like that on it. :)