Friday, November 26, 2010

FlightProSim (or ProFlightSim or ProFlightSimulator) - a scam?

For days now, I've been subjected to unwanted advertisement when I log onto my Facebook account, by a newly formed (?) company out of Australia claiming to have developed "The Most Realistic Flight Simulator Ever Created For Desktop Computers".

Now, I've kept in touch with almost all the PC flight simulator development teams globally for the past ten years or so and it came as somewhat of a surprise to see an unknown entity suddenly appear with such bold claims - I admit, it felt quite embarrassing to me.

It didn't take long, however, to understand what sort of "deal" these people are offering - misleading at best, outright shameful and quite annoying for the majority of simmer friends globally who have contacted me to ask if I have any "inside scoop" on this "new simulator", only to discover the truth at the end.

You see, this is nothing else but a quiet rebranding of the GPL'ed (thus forever free) and well-known Flight Gear simulator that has been in development for many years now by a team of volunteers who do not charge (or receive) a single penny for their efforts.

Read the entire scoop here.

To you, Mr "Dan Freeman- 13 Hickson Road, Walsh Bay, Sydney, NSW, Australia" (that's the owner of that "ProFlightSim" web site at the time of this blog post writing), all I have to say is: Shame, Shame, Shame!