Monday, November 23, 2009

Some nifty additions to blog

I wasn't too happy with my blog stats counter before, so I decided to replace it with Google Analytics (it's invisible to readers and allows me to see cool information on where my readers come from - I already filtered out my dad's IP address, because it tended to skew the numbers :)).

Adding Google Analytics involved making a small change to my blog template, to add a tiny bit of JavaScript at the bottom. While doing that, I noticed that Google has added a bunch of "gadgets" which can be dragged and dropped into the template - a couple of them were cool enough for me to add.

As a result, now you can "subscribe to" my blog using various methods and also become a "Blog Follower" - cool stuff! Good job, Google!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Artisteer - how wonderful - and EASY - it is to design web sites now!

As a current Microsoft MVP, I sometimes receive offers to test and endorse various products, as their developers believe my word carries a bit more respect than usual in our community (are they crazy? :-)).

Generally speaking, most of the products are descent and relatively bug-free, but they don't fit my short-list of "stuff I *really* recommend".

I'd like to devote a paragraph, though, to a product that really stood out from the competition, and that's Artisteer.

As I mention in my previous article below, Flight Sim Labs just unveiled the new web site design we were working on for quite some time. We had been using DotNetNuke since the "start of time", but we weren't 100% satisfied, as it was slower than expected and had some issues with finding plugins that would fit the needs of our company. As such, we turned our sights onto Wordpress, a Content Management System that is lightweight but very powerful at the same time, giving our developers and management a lot more bang for the buck (well, it had to: It's free :-)).

Rather than designing things from scratch, though, our graphics designer / guru, Margarita Fiotaki decided to take advantage of the offer for an Artisteer license, as it was promising to ease the transition into a Wordpress skin / template theme that would match the look&feel design requirements of the company.

And boy, did it help!

As such, I am very happy to promote Artisteer as a quality product which really has the capacity to dramatically transform the ease of use of creating websites based around WordPress and other CMS packages. Well done folks!

Flight Sim Labs unveiled a new Web Site look and new Forums!

It's been a year since Flight Sim Labs was formulated by a team of individuals who have a common goal: To produce the best quality add-ons for Flight Simulator that they can!

Since then, FSLabs released a few specialized products for their customers, mostly focusing around interfaces and drivers for specialized hardware, such as the Engravity CDU, the CPFlight MCP product family and the GoFlight instruments.

Fslabs developers also very close to wrapping up development of the Concorde-X flagship add-on product for Flight Simulator X, an aircraft that's been anticipated by thousands of simmers globally. The Concorde-X has already been receiving very favorable reviews by those who've had the pleasure of previewing it in various simulation shows around the world so the team is sure it will set new standards on how to enjoy simming beyond the speed of sound!

That's not all the team has been busy with, though! In the meantime, the crew has been developing a new web site and forum system behind the scenes and they're all too happy to announce that it's going live very soon! Some new content was added too, but the primary goal was to enhance functionality so the audience can browse more easily and enjoy some of the most recent advancements in "Web 2.0" technology.

I am proud to be leading this team of experts and I am sure the Concorde-X release will be enjoyed by a lot of people globally! But that's not all that's coming from FSLabs...

The next product is already in development... it's smaller, but not less recognized, has two engines, flies at lower than the speed of sound, but has carried a LOT more passengers over the years...

Can you guess what it is? :)

Monday, November 02, 2009

The Concorde-X *live* at the Lelystad FS-Weekend Show

At 7th & 8th November 2009 this big Flight Simulation Event will be held in the Aviodrome at Lelystad Airport. All aspects of flight simulation will be shown to big crowds traditionally attending! You'll find all kinds of participants such as FSclubs, flightdecks, real motion stands, sales of parts and software and many demonstrations and you will have full access to the exhibition of the museum.

Flight Sim Labs will be there, demonstrating the Concorde-X, on two PCs, for the first time LIVE for our audience. The latest alpha version of the aircraft addon will be available in all its glory for you to play and experiment, under our guidance and supervision as we are still putting the finishing touches together.

If you wish to speak to me or the other attending members of the team, come on Saturday, when you can find us at the FSAddon booth that our own Francois Dumas is hosting - Andrew, Margarita and I will be there to answer any questions you might have!

See you there!