Sunday, June 01, 2008

Gia tin Ygeia / For Health

I have it as my rule not to turn this blog into a political forum - I try to keep it "in context", with matters that are mostly related to computers, flight simulation and my work / hobbies.

I'll make an exception here, as today marks the one-year anniversary of Amalia Kalyvinou's death. Amalia, a 30 year-old literature graduate died on 1 June 2007, after fighting for 17 years not only with cancer and amputation, but also with malpractice, bribery ("fakellaki") and bureaucracy in the corrupt Greek National Health System.

Amalia - you'll live forever in our memory. May your efforts find repeaters, copiers and let your death mean something to those who keep fighting to "fix things".

Please read this page - and if you feel like it, sign the petition at the bottom...