Monday, September 15, 2008

For the developers among us...

Finally! A web site with REAL questions and REAL answers for those developers who are tired of googling for a very specific programming question and having to look through pages and pages of Programmer Q&A website non-answers, needing to weed through idiotic encrypted "expert exchange" sites which require you to pay to get answers, or other, advertisement-filled pages with spam-to-info ratios which would blow your ears in the decibel scale...

This is provided by Joel Spolsky (among others) - of Joel on Software fame - and so far, even though at a public beta stage, has been showing tremendous promise in reaching critical mass (others have tried, only to fail and become ghost sites eventually).

The site is called Stack Overflow - I think it's grrrrreeeat! :-)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

GoFlight MCPPro driver for PMDG FSX products out!

Just a small note to say that Flight Sim Labs just released another one of their specialized driver interfaces, this time the MCPPro-X for GoFlight's MCPPro and optional EFIS modules. The driver enables the hardware to interface with PMDG's 747-400 aircraft family for FSX, something long-desired by cockpit enthusiasts and hardware builders.
You can find the product announcement at Flight Sim Labs and the interface link here.