Thursday, November 19, 2009

Artisteer - how wonderful - and EASY - it is to design web sites now!

As a current Microsoft MVP, I sometimes receive offers to test and endorse various products, as their developers believe my word carries a bit more respect than usual in our community (are they crazy? :-)).

Generally speaking, most of the products are descent and relatively bug-free, but they don't fit my short-list of "stuff I *really* recommend".

I'd like to devote a paragraph, though, to a product that really stood out from the competition, and that's Artisteer.

As I mention in my previous article below, Flight Sim Labs just unveiled the new web site design we were working on for quite some time. We had been using DotNetNuke since the "start of time", but we weren't 100% satisfied, as it was slower than expected and had some issues with finding plugins that would fit the needs of our company. As such, we turned our sights onto Wordpress, a Content Management System that is lightweight but very powerful at the same time, giving our developers and management a lot more bang for the buck (well, it had to: It's free :-)).

Rather than designing things from scratch, though, our graphics designer / guru, Margarita Fiotaki decided to take advantage of the offer for an Artisteer license, as it was promising to ease the transition into a Wordpress skin / template theme that would match the look&feel design requirements of the company.

And boy, did it help!

As such, I am very happy to promote Artisteer as a quality product which really has the capacity to dramatically transform the ease of use of creating websites based around WordPress and other CMS packages. Well done folks!

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