Friday, January 09, 2009

New experiment: FSX on SSD drive

I had to place an order to an online computer store a couple days ago as a request from my not-so-computer-literate godmother for (here it comes!) - a VCR player (she still has lots of old video tapes that she likes to record on and watch).

Since I couldn't find any model worth mentioning around the local stores (they wanted to charge >100 Euros for crappy models because they could!), I decided to shop around, so I found one on PixMania that seemed half-way decent.

Obviously, being a consumer-nut, I couldn't stop from noticing the first-page "fire-sale" (uh huh!?) of OCZ's latest SSD (solid state drive) - namely, a hard disk without mechanical components. 30GB for E 59.95 - not a bad deal, I thought, so I ordered one.

It arrived today, so I am copying my FSX installation (all 25GB of it) over and renaming the new drive back to G: so the registry will think FSX is in its proper location. From various tests I've read around the net, it's supposed to be a great improvement on loading times (and possibly, on performance, if one flies around in supersonic speeds which require scenery to be loading faster than normal).

I'll report back...

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