Friday, November 28, 2008

Teamprise Remote Accelerator

(This post is geared primarily towards Visual Studio developers who use Team Foundation Server)

Rarely do you see me sing praise for products out there, but in this case, I felt I have to write about a product that has already increased our team's productivity and its ROI is continuing as our projects are getting larger in scope and source code size.

The product is called Remote Accelerator, by Teamprise. It acts as a local version control proxy for Team Foundation Server - its main functionality is to increase access speed to version control data for remote developers, and boy! does it do it well!

You can read more info (and some benchmarking data) about Remote Accelerator, but if your team uses Team Foundation Server and
you're a code developer who likes to work from home or from remote locations, run, don't walk to purchase this product. For $99, it's a steal!


Bill said...

I've never heard of Team Foundation Server before... is it an evolution of Source Safe, or something entirely new?

For comparison's sake, I use ClearCase at work, and CVS for personal stuff. ClearCase is mostly useless for remote users, but of course CVS is fine (although it has many limitations).

- Bill

Lefteris said...


Team Foundation Server is a Microsoft that allows developer teams to extend synergies beyond what is considered traditional Source Control (like what Source Safe was). It integrates a bug tracking and build tracking system alongside, and is the most complete product out there at the moment, especially when you consider its integration into Visual Studio.

Give it a try or at least read about it - it's VERY interesting.