Friday, May 11, 2007


It's coming! Very soon! According to a post by Phil Taylor, the ACES group is putting the build in Final Test tomorrow, so it should be released next week.

So - the question everyone keeps asking me is: How's your product development going?

Well- with SP1 out, be assured we'll be posting a lot more pictures of what will be there. This is my blog though, so for more information on our upcoming FSX products, please visit our support forum at AVSIM.


Anonymous said...

And just in time for the sun-splashed, fun-filled Greek summer eh LK? With a little luck, this means you'll get a chance to enjoy more of it! Good luck with the FSX version of your products. -GSM-

Lefteris said...

What a wonderful world it would be, if only we could get that done before the summer is over :-) Hopefully, we will!

Fran├žois said...

Hey, we're working on making an addition to your FS2004 models now !!! So don't go to fast !! ;-)


Lefteris said...

If we don't go too fast, how will we be eligible for the annual plastic giveaway at Paderborn, dear friend? :-)