Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Fly a kite? You wish!

The ONE day that everyone in Greece is out flying a kite, we get a seriously CAVOK day - I mean NO winds whatsoever!

And if you think I am desperate, I want to see YOU try to tell the kids that "no, it's not daddy's incompetence that can't get the kite to fly - it's the lack of wind!".

Yeah - they believed THAT!


Margarita said...

They didn't take it so well it's true, but we had our laughs right? It wasn't that bad after all! So, please don't take it personally. You did a great job!

Your stuck-in-office wife ;-)

Lefteris said...

I admit, it was fun :-). Let's see if we can't find another weekend to do it properly this time!