Wednesday, September 06, 2006

So... what have I been doing?

Actually, there were a couple very good excuses for the apparent inactivity in my blogging:

I got married! Margarita and I have been living together for quite some time now, so we decided we would make it official! The wedding took place at a very scenic location underneath the Akropolis, among only our kids, closest friends and relatives - it was idyllic! The right season, the right time of day, the right temperature - seems that the world was conspiring to make for the perfect wedding! We couldn't resist making the perfect pictures, so here they are:

After the wedding, it's only natural to go on a honeymoon, right? We travelled to Sri Lanka where we spent eight beautiful days in a fantastic villa resort called the "Saman Villas". The resort is designed especially for people on honeymoon - a private beach, individual pools in front of each villa and romance all around. Highly recommended!
On the way back from Sri Lanka, we had a three-day layover in Dubai, for the requisite shopping and all-around tourist action. Those who think Dubai is "cheap" - think again: It offers exquisite comfort and luxurious accomodation, but it all comes at a price, however it's well worth it, especially if you're on a honeymoon and feel you can spend the extra couple Dirhams.

I've been back now for two months, so further news about what I've been doing, next!


Jeremy said...


You and your bride look absolutely stunning (moreso the bride of course).

Glad you had an excellent wedding day and by the sounds of thing a great honeymoon. May there be many happy years to come!

Mats J said...


Congratulations to you and your wife! You will soon notice it's not so much different after than before. :-) I'm envying your trip to Sri Lanka. My wife says she's gonna take me there one day (She was born just outside Columbo).

Talk to you later,

Lefteris said...

Thanks guys- we are truly blessed. I surely hope and wish the same for you!

François said...

Hi Lefteris and Margarite...

Dang.. I forgot to look at your blog... too much work and other activities... and look what you did !!

Congratulations !!!

Do we see each other in Paderborn again?

Warm regards,

Arnaud said...

Hey Lefteris,

Congrats for your weddings, and all my good ans sincerest wishes.
You certainly look most happy on those nice pics. Reminds me mine was already 10 years ago...

Thought I'd might post here and say 'thank you' too for all the tremendeous work you do with Robert at PMDG.


Arnaud Solvay

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