Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Is YOUR product PMDG-certified?

This post made me laugh...

"I rarely post on forums so forgive my lack of fancy banners etc but I do have an opinion I wish to share. For those at Micorsoft working on the next release of Flight Simulator - your product is no longer the mainstay of the flightsim world - PMDG has become the primary product such is the excellence of the 737 and particularly the 744/F. As far as I am concerned and I urge other PMDG fans to join me on this - any future versions of MSFS should be PMDG compatible or I won't be buying it. Why should PMDG have to re-work perfection just to suit the entirely non perfect Flight Simulator software?

The days of developers modifying their products to suit Microsoft have gone - its time for Microsoft to work with companies like PMDG to ensure compatibility.

Well done PMDG, the 744 is now perfect! To Microsoft - make sure the box on your new versions of Flight Simulator carry a PMDG compatible sticker or else!"

Is YOUR product PMDG-certified compatible? :-)

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Michel Vandaele said...

Great statement ;) I really hope Microsoft will adapt their sim so that other items - such as - weather - taxispeeds etc are more realistic (compatible with PMDG)

Many thanks Lefeteris for the nice products.