Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Relax times

Francois' comment in my Comparisons article triggered another synapse in my neural pathways :-). He mentioned that he loves to ride his BMW motorcycle with his wife Nina along and go cruising the highways... I got a bit jealous, because lately the only relax time for Margarita and I comes when we go see a movie, have a nice dinner somewhere or visit a couple friends. No longer are we willing to endure the smokey, jam-packed claustrophobic rooms that are called night clubs here in Athens, to get ripped off with overpriced, diluted alcoholic drinks and bad music.
With a seven-year-old child, it's all but impossible to think about a weekend escapade, not because we don't have "baby parking", thank her parents, but because we already see him little during the week (school, work, all) so leaving him with the grandparents for a whole weekend is a big rise in the guilt-o-meter.
Some might say "take him with you". I am sure you don't have kids, do you? :-) It will certainly be very enjoyable, but it will definitely NOT be relax time.
So- what to do? Comments welcome!


Gary Kane said...

You're right about the guilt-o-meter but it does subside after 2 or 3 hours into the trip. Besides Gma and Gpa are spoiling him rotten.
We've only executed this plan (with our two boys) once and the grandparents had to drive 1600 km's to get to the house too. All other trips have been with the boys but we are due...perhaps in may?

Francois 'Navman' Dumas said...

Ha! Guilt-o-meter ! :-)) As an 'experienced Dad' I can tell you that we had the same problem at times. And believe it or not, with our daughter being 25 already now, we still have it sometimes..... you know, when SHE asks us to do this or that (usually involving driving all the way to Amsterdam and sacrificing a large part of our free Sunday ) and we have other plans.

Our solution now is to say 'NO !' We want our life back after 25 years! LOL !!

But seriously, what we did when she was younger was to 'trade' ! If we occasionally, and in hindsight; NOT often enough, wanted a weekend off, we made it up to her by doing a weekend FOR HER at some other time. Sacrifice ourselves to go to one of these amusement parks, or let her have a party with her giggling girl friends....

.. it is all about balance I think ;-)


Lefteris said...


We don't seem to have this problem - Gma and Gpa live only 10 minutes away, so they are (almost) always available ;-). We'll miss them, though, starting next Thursday - they're going on their own vacation (if you call it that) to their summer house. Heads in! :-)


wanna trade? We'll come to Amsterdam to help out with your daughter, while you take care of our son here in Athens! I bet you'd love that! :-)

I am sure your idea of trading off weekends will work out once Vassilis grows up a bit more and makes new friends. (In fact, I am worried it might work out all TOO well... "Can I get the keys to the car???" etc.)