Friday, January 06, 2006

I'd like to go flying again...

The weather around Athens has been so bad lately (25-30kt winds blowing constantly, drizzle, cold weather and general misery) that I had to unthink my desire to go flying these past two weeks. This is bad for a variety of reasons: a) I will have to spend an hour with an instructor again, as it's been almost two months since last time I flew, but more importantly b) I don't get to reset the craving levels, so the amounts of craving are increasing to almost unbearable limits. ;-)

Meanwhile, Margarita and I are keeping ourselves busy watching the entire second season of 24 - the TV series,
that we got on DVD, all in a period of a week or so (yes, that's 2-3 episodes per night). There's something to be said about good TV series productions and this is one of them. One major complaint though, now that we've finished with the second season series: Could they not have ended it without a cliffhanger this time? We'd watch Season 3 anyway :-). (Well, I can't complain - we've got Season 3 on DVD as well - starting next week).

Why next week? Well, we're going to spend the weekend at Euro-Disney with the kids. 4 days, in fact. Hopefully, this will be an unforgettable experience to them: at 10, 9 and 7, they're at the right age to enjoy this as thoroughly as possible - hopefully the weather forecasts will turn to be wrong (-3 degrees projected and rain/snow for the entire duration). At least the crowds will choose not to go :-).

Lastly, this is something I've wanted to do for awhile: Post a picture of myself and Robert Randazzo, so PMDG customers can put a name to a face. (I am the guy in the white shirt / blue shorts).


Anonymous said...

So Robert Ranzazzazzooo is a Midget then?

Lefteris said...

No, he's not... I am the one who's taller than normal... :-)

Dan Martin said...

Hello there Lefteris it's good to "see" you alive and aperently doing very well(it brings me back to the days of doing things for Fly with Richard and all the good people involved with what Richard put much of the last 2 yrs of his life into) I've been into the "studio" end of things (as an animator/model person slash wanna be programer)It bodes well that people like you seem to be involved with adding to what still is a great hobby for me. I still do aircraft and scenery for FS when I don't have anything better to do(right now am between jobs) such is the life of a "digital artist" that ones work seems to come in spits and spades but that's life.
Anyway looking forward to your (and Robert's further work!!

Dan Martin.

Lefteris said...

Hi Dan!

Good to hear from you as well! Write me an email to keep me uptodate on your whereabouts!