Monday, June 08, 2009

For some, this is already old news, but for those of you who are not developers or too intricately involved with Flight Simulation, I'd like to announce that I'm now one of the administrators at, the premier web site for developers of Microsoft Flight Simulator and addon products.

Part of the reasons I became administrator was that I've always felt I've received a lot from the developer community by reading contributions and posts in such forums, so this is a way of giving back.

Another part was that my friends Arno, Nick and Jon needed someone else to assist with moving the site to a new location, as the previous ISP was no longer able to offer supporting the site - and we wanted to move it to a Windows-based server too.

We took some time to find a new ISP who offered us the server specification we felt most appropriate and I am pleased to report that we have completed the move this past weekend - it was as straight forward as they come!

Since is now on a new, more capable server, we're planning on additional goodies for all of its readers, so do stop by and participate - it's very interesting!

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