Monday, July 07, 2008

Google C++ style guide

Haven't posted in awhile... that's not because I have nothing important to say - in fact, there's going to be a very important announcement very soon, but for the moment, I wanted to bring your attention (at least those of you who are C++ coders among us) to a very useful style guide that Google published (kudos to Steve Lacey for blogging about it).

I think that if we can follow the recommendations (at Google, they're mandatory) shown in that style guide, we'll make our programming lives a lot easier (we've all had to maintain older code, no?)

's the guide...


Bill said...

No particular style is better than the next: it's the adherance to the style that is important.

Coding Styles have been mandatory in every company that I have worked in. However, I've never seen one published publicly before!

It should be interesting to see who decides to adopt Google's flavour.

- Bill

Lefteris said...

As long as you maintain one style, that's what's important, but there can be significant differences between them and arguably some advantages.

I think setting a Google standard will be interesting in the long run.