Wednesday, April 30, 2008

ESP now on MSDN!

Did you know that Microsoft ESP is now part of MSDN? As a result of months of hard work by the good people at ACES (yes, Todd, that includes you too! :-)) you can now find the ESP developer center on MSDN. If you're an MSDN customer, you can also download ESP without having to go through the normal purchasing channels.

Let me know if you need assistance with developing on ESP! Also, if you are a current or potential ESP customer and require contract work or help with developing your software, I'd be interested in hearing about it as well!

Here's the link for where all that good fun happens!


Bill said...

So, Lefteries... I'm trying to understand just what ESP is.

Is is an evolution of the FS simulation engine, or is this something entirely new?

- Bill

Lefteris said...


Microsoft ESP is, in a nutshell, the commercial side to what Flight Simulator has been all along. Version 1.0 of ESP is remarkably similar to FSX (hardly a surprise - they share over 95% of the code) but there have been new licensing deals struck to allow commercial usage of the simulator platform (which is what ESP stands for: Enterprise Simulation Platform).

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