Thursday, December 20, 2007

Diskeeper 2008

I used to be a big fan of OODefrag. In fact, their version 10 product is very good.

I can't hide the fact, though, that I am a changed man ever since I tried Diskeeper 2008 Pro Premier. Its defragmentation process is really smooth and the background service keeps defragmenting your disks continuously, but only when it detects that your computer is sitting idle (i.e. it doesn't interrupt or slow down your ever-important FSX sessions).

Three thumbs up for Diskeeper 2008!!! You can find it here.


g7usl said...

Lefteris, this is the first time I have commented at your 'blog'. Thanks for PMDG successes and now my comment. Ultimate Defrag by Dixtrix is the ONLY defragger that can put your flightsim program next to the 'MFT' for faster readability.

I use it for my seperate disk running both FS9 and FSX and find a disticnt benefit in fps by doing so.

I also use Diskeeper for my OS drive so, there's no bias from that program but Ultimate Defrag is the best.

I have no connection with them BTW I just speak as I find. ;-)

Lefteris said...

That's a great suggestion - thanks for passing it along to the readers!